TTLR On The World Stage

P7 to end the season!

What an awesome race last night, going in we weren’t to sure how everything would pan out and Madison did an awesome job putting the car into 7th! Our best qualifying effort of the season.

Race pace was a little bit off, our tyres fell off a little bit more then we expected in comparison to other teams in front of us and our car went away a lot more then expected through the 2nd stint but still managed to hold and pass a car or two which included an amazing pass which went on for 5 corners against Enzo from Team Redline

We decided to put Hamstead in to finish after Sharman wasn’t really feeling up to it and knowing it would be a pressure stint we needed someone who was 100% focused and Hamstead did an amazing job with Team Redline all over the back of him for the final stint.

After 1 car got DQ’ed for not having a co-driver we managed to move up to p7!

Overall an awesome season for the team! we managed to score a 6th,7th and an 8th with a couple other results just outside the top 10.

We also managed to finish P8 in the Championship! an awesome result for the team and No.1 Australian team.

Big thanks to our sponsors Next Level Racing, Ultimate Karting Sydney and KustomImage Concepts

well done to the other Australian teams that re qualified aswell for next year! Madcow and ERA.

Full race replay –

So Close, Yet So Far at VIR!

So close… yet so far!

Madison Down and Jake Burton finished a strong 2nd place in the VIR 500 in the Ultimate Karting Sydney Holden! An untimely safety car hurt us with the strategy on the #77 car, but still managed to grab solid championship points.

Michael Healey and Leigh Ellis had a lonely race to finish in 7th in the Hybrid Racing Simulations Holden.
Shaun Kelly and series debutante Brett Stiles finished 15th after a few dramas throughout their race. It was a good fight back however from Kelly to get back up to 15th place