Simparts Australia join forces with Trans Tasman Racing


Trans Tasman Racing signed a deal today with Simparts Australia after many talks throughout last week with Business managers Daniel, Brett and Corey. Simparts originally a brand from New Zealand run as “Simparts NZ” will now started in Australia selling Fanatec products as well as Sim Racing cockpits.

“It’s always great to see more interest in the team whether it be drivers or sponsors. Of course VisionRacer jumping onboard as an affiliate was massive but now Simparts offering a bigger deal is fantastic for the team.” Said Team Manager/Driver Madison.

Simparts were excited to sponsor Trans Tasman Racing to help get Simparts up and running. Trans Tasman Racing will be doing our best to get the simparts name out there to help support the business.

Trans Tasman Racing will be debuting the new FG Falcon tonight at Phillip Island in the AUS club event on iRacing. (the car can be pictured below)

Simparts TT-R

More livery releases to be shown in the coming days.

Simparts Australia website will be released in the coming days….

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