Brock Salmon

N14101528_1091757674225760_1636104264_nickname: Brick
Nationality: Australian
Rig Setup: Logitech G27, G27 Shifter w/ Leo Bodnar Standalone Adapter, Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals, Desk, Desk Chair
Year Born: 1997

Began playing racing games at the age of 4 on the Playstation 1.
Got a Driving Force Pro mid-2012 and went on to use it to begin iRacing in late 2013 planning to progress to the iWCGPS.
Began racing the V8 Supercar in late 2014. Joined TT-R during debut season of V8SCOPS.
Currently studying to become a Games Developer/Programmer.

Active Sim/Series
iRacing – V8 Supercars Online Premier Series
iRacing – Grand Prix Series

Career Highlights:

– V8SCOPS Spa 4hr – 8th Place
– V8SCOPS Mosport Race 1 – 1st Place
– V8SCOPS Monza – 7th Place
– V8SCOPS Phillip Island 500 – 7th Place

– 2.79 K/D Ratio in GTA Online
– AEC Daytona 24hr – 2nd Place