TTR is the vision of Madison Down and other original team members. A racing group built around getting the fastest and fairest sim racing drivers from both Australia and New Zealand together in one place, to give the opposition one hell of a fight. We aim to be the best, drive fair and honest at all times and most of all, have fun when racing.

The team originally was a group of “AU/NZ Crowd” that just loved racing against each other on Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. That then merged into a team (Southern Cross Racing) in June 2009. Later that year, we changed the name to Trans Tasman Racing.

Here at TTR we are privileged to have some of the fastest and most well respected sim racers in the world that run in a variety of series’. Our drivers have varying levels of experience, some fairly green to sim racing while others have been racing for a lifetime. Some also have plenty of experience in the real world in racing disciplines such as Karting, Open Wheelers and Tin Top Racing cars.

TTR uses iRacing.com on PC as our primary simulation, however the team also has a strong track record in other simulations such as Gran Turismo and rFactor. The team has had a great deal of success in GT Academy as well with four drivers making it to the National Finals in Australia and New Zealand and two of those four making it to Silverstone with Tony Autridge in 2010 and Josh Muggleton in 2014.

While TTR doesn’t have an open registration system, we are constantly on the lookout for new drivers to join the team so if you think you’ve got what it takes join Teamspeak or contact us!